Sanasa Life Assurance was honoured with the Sustainable Brand of the Year 2023 award at the National Award of Excellence 2023 organised by the National Award for Excellence-in-Mumbai, India. Many leading companies in all parts of the world received awards during this award ceremony held in Mumbai, India. Sanasa Life Insurance is working as a leading insurance service provider in Sri Lanka with the aim of raising the living standards of the people suffering from various economic hardships, and empowering them economically. The Company has displayed its continuous growth in the insurance sector by winning the trust of thousands of customers as well as by receiving awards both locally and internationally. Commenting on the Company’s latest achievement, the Chief Business Officer (CBO) of the Sanasa Life Insurance, Kennedy J. Michael said that they were honoured with this award as a result of maintaining sustainable development in the Company’s business activities throughout the past. He also expressed his gratitude to the top management and all the employees of the Company who tirelessly worked towards this achievement. As the fastest growing life insurance company in the country, Sanasa Life Insurance has been making transformations in the industry by winning many local and international awards, and is currently gifting talented professionals to the country by creating new job opportunities with the expansion of its business activities. The Company, which has nearly 100 branches around the country as of now, is continuing to expand its branch network, and making a significant contribution to the economy.