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We all have dreams and aspirations. To make those dreams a reality we save with the hope of receiving the best returns. Traditionally savings options, such as bank savings accounts and fixed deposits are our first choice. However, these may not give the best returns for the money invested.

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Daughter is a light to home. Because she brighten it. Similarly, it is the expectation of parents to bring her life to brightness and ascertain that she leads her life everyday happily. She is a valuable gold and the parent’s expectation, dream and responsibility is to arrange her a golden marriage. SANASA Investment is the best plan for it.

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It is not possible to prevent us coming closure to old age. Old age brings us Isolation, Diseases and miserable life due to lack of income. We cannot expect everything from our children as they are distanced and an independent unit. To face retired life you have to plan it in your youth.

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It is the responsibility of parents to fulfil the dreams of their children be at university education, vocational training or self-employment. The best for it is SANASA Investment Plan. In the event you suffer from an accident or face a hazard or even your expectation after your children’s dreams for their future will realize through SANASA Investment Plan. Truly, you should try SANASA Investment. Not for you but for your beloved ones.

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Loan Protection

Applying for a loan can be an helpful method to enable you to accomplish your own objectives sooner than planned , however there are dangers. On the off chance that you lose your activity or can’t work on account of injury or illness, you will most likely be unable to make your monthly repayments . On the off chance that passing happened out of the blue or you turn out to be for all time handicapped, you will leave your family with the weight of paying off your advance.

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Divi Saviya

The vulnerability of life is a consistent stress particularly if your family is depend on you. Life is there to secure you and your family members.In the disastrous consequence of your downfall, Life Insurance guarantees that life will continue for your family.
In view of your needs and objectives , you can add on additional benefits and plans to your Life Insurance policy.

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