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With a wide presence across the country, particularly in remote areas, through 8,000 Sanasa societies and a membership above 800,000 grass-root people, we remained focused and committed to drive community development and empowerment. Bringing greater meaning and effectiveness, we sought in the year to structure and refine our community initiatives throughout our network. In this light, we launched our ‘Village Development Vision’ and initiated a series of training sessions to create awareness and educate key officials of the Sanasa societies in this regard. During the training sessions, we closely engaged and sought to formulate policies and plans in line with our vision. We took this opportunity to build financial literacy amongst the participating members and we guided them on the tools and options available within the industry to make effective decisions in their society endeavours, for the benefit of the village communities that they operate in. We invited several well-respected resource personnel from the co-operative department, microinsurance and microfinance industries to conduct the training sessions.