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As we celebrate nearly 40 years of the Sanasa movement, initially through the All Lanka Mutual Organisation (ALMAO) in the late 1970s and later, through Sanasa Insurance as a licensed micro insurer, we believed it is an opportune time to look back and reminisce on our journey from humble beginnings to a significant catalyst in the nation’s efforts to empower the grass-root masses. This year, we organised a special programme at the Hotel Kingsbury on 13th November 2016 to re-visit, learn and record our past and appreciate our values that we have nurtured over the years. Under this programme, we invited our pioneering society members, past employees, domestic and foreign partners who were part of our movement during the inception stage and an essential part of what we are today. The invitees took part in the discussions and shared their experiences in retrospect and told interesting stories of the beginning and the progress of the Sanasa movement. Special tributes were made to thank and show gratitude to the past stakeholders who made a difference and contributed to take the organisation to a solid footing. This was a valuable learning experience to the Sanasa team, not only fortifying the ties within the Sansa family, but, also teaching the new generation on timeless values of loyalty ad gratitude.