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As a micro insurer, our impact on the environment is not that significant. Yet, caring for the environment is an innate part of our corporate culture. We are conscientious and attentive to be responsible in our daily business practices and thereby, work towards greener operations and minimise our corporate’s carbon footprint. The key measures we have adopted, inter alia, include creating staff and community awareness on environmental issues, deploying technology to be efficient in resource utilisation, being thrifty in paper consumption and using energy saving equipment and lighting.

Apart from these daily practices, this reporting year, we strived to be more proactive and organised in taking forward our environmental conservation initiatives. As inspired and as a sprout of our ‘Heal the Nation’ concept discussed above, we initiated ’Thuru Sevana’ tree planting campaign at a national level. The campaign aims at planting 200 trees in collaboration with 400 Sanasa societies along a one-kilometre road stretch in 16 selected routes. The societies will be responsible to nurture and upkeep the trees up to a period of five years. As our first step, we planted 200 Kumbuk trees along the route to the Ruwanweli Maha Seya and Mahamewna Gardens in the sacred city of Anuradhapura. This coincided with our annual Buddhist event of offering lotus flowers. This initiative was carried out with the blessings of the most venerable Chief prelates of the relevant temples and with the concurrence of the Department of Archaeology. Our Chairman, management and key officials of the Sanasa societies participated and supported the event.