CSR policy

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) at Sanasa Insurance is not just an obligation, but an innate part of our business model, our values and culture. We stand focused and committed in creating value from a long-term standpoint—blending in sustainable and ethical business practices in reaching out to our commercial priorities and goals. This in effect underlines our mainstay, essentially supporting us to navigate through the challenges prevalent in our business backdrop. The section herein will report and highlight our sustainability efforts in the year under review.

CSR Approach

We are focused and structured in our sustainability initiatives. Our approach is to advocate and champion social responsibility projects that are closest to our core values and long-term strategic goals, and most relevant to support and meet our stakeholder aspirations. Our sustainability focus broadly covers our employees, the communities in which we serve, the broader society and the environment. In this regard, we strive and invest well to develop and ensure the wellbeing of the Sanasa team as elaborated under the human capital section of this report; serve and empower the underprivileged communities towards reaching socioeconomic prosperity; advocate religious and cultural harmony; and take firm steps to reduce our environmental footprint.

CSR Highlights

In the year under review, we sought to embrace and take forward well-thought out CSR programmes and campaigns. We have made considerable amount if investment in this regard. From the community perspective, we took off our ‘Village Development’ campaign, encompassing capacity building of 400 Sanasa societies; educational programmes targeting the youth in collaboration with the Sanasa Campus; and ‘Lamayeku Dutu Sanasa’, a child development campaign, advocating learning through fine and performing arts and literature. We also initiated and sponsored the production of the ‘Heal the Nation’ as a monthly television programme, advocating Buddhist intellectual thought for a better tomorrow. This programme is hosted by Dr. P. A Kiriwandeniya, our Founder/Chairman. We also carried out several other religious and cultural programmes with the participation of the Sanasa directorate, management and the team to nurture peace and harmony within the workplace and amongst the communities in which we operate. As our environmental contribution, we initiated ‘Thuru Sevena’, a national tree planting campaign in partnership with the Sanasa societies. This campaign advocated planting 200 trees covering 16 different routes across the nation, thereby, bringing down our carbon footprint

Sustainability Reporting

Following best practices, we stand committed to uphold transparency and accountability in our reporting initiatives, encompassing both financial and sustainability facets of our organisation. The ‘ACCA Sri Lanka Sustainability Reporting Awards’ held in February 2017, organised by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, acclaimed our reporting efforts, and our Annual Report 2015/16 topped the small and medium sector award category. Building on this, we aspire to further improve our reporting standards. We look to adopt current and globally accepted reporting practices in our future sustainability reporting initiatives

In Closing

We commend our team for their diligent efforts and their volunteering spirit in carrying forward our sustainability agenda. A special thank you goes out to the members of the Sanasa societies for their collaborative assistance extended for our CSR programmes. We look forward for their continued support and call on all our stakeholders to join us and partner our drive towards greater sustainability.