It is not possible to prevent us coming closure to old age. Old age brings us Isolation, Diseases and miserable life due to lack of income. We cannot expect everything from our children as they are distanced and an independent unit. To face retired life you have to plan it in your youth.

Product Features

  • If the death occurs before 1 year completion from the policy commencement, total fund will be paid as the death benefit.
  • If the death occurs after 1 year from the commencement, total fund+Rs.10,000/- will be paid (subject to the fund value is more than 10,000 at that time)
  • if the death occurs after 5 years from the commencement, total fund+Rs.100,000/- will be paid (subject to the fund value is more than 50,000 at that time)
  • If TPD occurs before the policy term ends, total fund as at the date will be paid.

Rider Cover

  • Nill
  • PPT Flexible
  • Policy Term Flexible
  • Entry Age 18 to 65
  • Min. Premium 500
  • Min. Sum Assured No SA